Building On A History Of Service And Performance

With a vinyl cutter and some borrowed space in their parents’ sporting goods store, the Vnuk brothers crafted their first products in 1994– and so began Fleet Decal & Graphics.

Two decades later, the business launched by Brian, Ed and Mark Vnuk has grown dramatically – in scope, volume and geographic reach. The family-owned business, thriving on Main Street in the Vnuks’ hometown of Plymouth, Pa., in northeastern Pennsylvania, changed its name in 2014 to represent this growth.

Brand Graphic Solutions, whose clientele includes Fortune 500 international companies, represents another successful phase in the family business. Along with the new name is a large investment in direct-to-substrate flatbed technology and custom-cut rigid material cutting capabilities.

The new name reflects the evolution of services and products offered by the family business. The company now offers one-stop shopping for businesses of all sizes. Every service comes with a Vnuk brother guarantee to pay the same amount of attention to every client, be it a small, independent operation or a large, international corporation.

“We’ve been through all those stages ourselves,” Brian Vnuk said. “Because of our humble beginnings, we can relate to the concerns and needs of any size company. Our goal, regardless of the size of your business, is to give you the services and products you need to grow your company. In order for us to grow, you have to grow.”

Brian, Ed and Mark Vnuk were working in Sport-Jes, their parents’ sporting goods store in 1994 when they decided to begin offering vinyl lettering products like those used for banners, signs and on vehicles. Their endeavor, Fleet Decal & Graphics, was so successful that they gradually added more machines, a screen printing line and a graphic artist.

In 2007 they expanded into full-color digital printing, auto wraps, point-of-purchase displays, signage, architectural graphics and trade show displays.

Originally, most of Fleet’s business was centered in northeastern Pennsylvania. As the company grew, so did its reach: The Vnuks branched out to other areas of Pennsylvania, then on to other states and eventually, their business went international.

The company’s workforce went from the three brothers to a staff of 20-plus.

Today, Brand Graphic Solutions is proud to offer 95 percent of a company’s graphic needs, serving as a one-stop shopping site for businesses. Services include architectural graphics, fleet graphics, trade show displays and marketing specialties.

“Our biggest advantage, which is our client’s biggest advantage, is that we understand,” Brian Vnuk said. “We know how very hard they work and how much time they spend creating their brand and what that brand promises.”

“What we do is make sure that the branding is consistent,” Brian said. “It’s on their fleet, the signage on the building and on any other marketing materials or trade show displays.”

Through hard work, determination, perseverance and commitment to their customers, the Vnuks have come a long way since they launched their humble business. Brand Graphic Solutions is providing services throughout the world but some things haven’t changed – the brothers still operate in their hometown and their dedication to every client remains unmatched.